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Fill out and save the following Entry Application. Print out the completed form on the next screen and mail it in with your composition entry. This entry will be considered for the 2023 ISW.

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This category will include compositions of electronic media such as tape, computer generated sound or sequencing, or synthesizer. Entries must use at least one individual for live performance. For example, a work for computer generated sounds and instrumental soloist/voice would be eligible, but a work or tape alone would not.

This category will be limited to solo compositions for voice or instrument with or without accompaniment. Accompaniments shall be limited to 1 or 2 instruments. Works in this category should be of a solo nature that emphasizes/features one performer.

This category includes two sub-categories of small ensemble (2-6 players and/or solo voices) and large ensemble (7 players and up with choral works included in this category).

This category includes two sub-categories of combo (up to 7 players) and large ensemble (8 players and up).

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