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Exhibitor/Business Information

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Exhibitors requesting adjoining space might be accommodated across an aisle due to the lack of long rows in the Expo Hall.

Give a brief statement concerning your exhibit products and list any exhibitor you may wish to adjoin in the hall. Not all requests can be granted due to the number of requests and the desire to have different types of exhibitors located in proximity to each other. (Please note the desired adjacent exhibitor should make the same request.) Both exhibitors must be registered and paid at approximately the same time since location is partially dependent upon payment date.

Single paragraph only. Line returns are not saved to the database.
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Business Representatives

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List personnel who will be tending your booth(s). This will be used for badge preparation.
Exhibitors at the ISW may NOT request badges for people who are full time music educators in P-12 schools. College and or universities should NOT request badges for full time faculty, graduate or undergraduate students. These individuals should be registered for the conference as KMEA or NAfME Collegiate members. They are welcome to be present in the booth with the conference attendee badge. Part-time school employees outside of music may use exhibitors' badges (e.g. adjunct faculty, admissions staff, clerical staff, professors from departments other than music etc.) All collegiate exhibitors are reminded to not leave items in the exhibits area that may be needed during the hours the exhibits are closed.
KMEA Board Policy - July 2022

Booth(s) Requested - Rental Fee

Booth Configurations

  • If you choose to have four or more booths, you may choose to have them back to back or side by side. Exhibitors choosing four or more booths back to back (square) in the premier location will be able to have their own "pod" separated by aisles from other exhibitors.
  • The earliest paid registrations will be assigned the highest traffic locations within each category of exhibitors.
  • You may choose to have Century II hang a sign or banner over your space which can be seen throughout the entire exhibits area. See the Century II information elsewhere in this area of the website for options. You may also bring your own signage to add to your visibility as long as it does not extend into the aisles.
  • We will continue to have a mix of booths across the room by not putting exhibitors in the same business side by side.
  • Signage or display items may not extend into the aisle due to fire code regulations.
Booths are ten feet deep by ten feet long with the drapery backdrop eight feet high. Side dividers are three feet high. All drapery is flameproof. One sign with the exhibitor name to hang over the backdrop is provided for each exhibitor. One six foot draped table and one chair will be provided for each booth.
Booth space selection
Booth location will be at the discretion of the KMEA Exhibits Manager.

$600 - 1st booth space
$350 - 2nd space
$350 - each additional space

Choose # of booth spaces requested
1 booth space - $600.00
2 booth spaces - $950.00
3 booth spaces - $1300.00
4 booth spaces - $1,650.00
5 booth spaces - $2,000.00
6 booth spaces - $2,350.00
7 booth spaces - $2,700.00
8 booth spaces - $3,050.00
9 booth spaces - $3,400.00
10 booth spaces - $3,750.00
11 booth spaces - $4,100.00
12 booth spaces - $4,450.00
13 booth spaces - $4,800.00
14 booth spaces - $5,150.00
Booth Rental
(if paid via mail-in payment)
Booth Rental
(if paid online via PayPal)
Select a payment option

First amount shown is for mail-in payments. A credit card payment option is available. A variable surcharge is added to cover our PayPal cost.
First-booth prices increase by $100 after Dec. 15, 2022
First-booth prices increase to $600 after Feb. 1, 2023
Write down your Exhibitor Contract Code at this time: cm678

You will need this later if you intend to advertise in the In-Service Workshop program book. Kansas Music Review sponsors will be eligible for a rate discount for ISW Program Advertising, which opens in November.
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